Parino Mercato Antiquario
Parino Mercato Antiquario

Antique Italian trumeau in inlaid wood from 18th century

Antique 18th century Italian trumeau. Richly inlaid double body cabinet (inlay from the following period) and adorned with chiseled handles and nozzles. Lower body supported by four legs and complete with two drawers of good capacity. Interior of the fall-front with five drawers and a retractable compartment (see photo). Upper body with two doors and moulding. Trumeau for living room or studio for antique dealers and decorators. Furniture that has undergone conservative restoration, replacement of defective structural elements for functional use and modifications. Complete with working keys (doors and bureau), now in good condition.

宽度 116
高度 226
深度 60

类别 ???
时期 18世纪

价钱 8000
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