Antiquites Lecomte
Antiquites Lecomte

Art Nouveau Library - Twentieth

Library Art-Nouveau glazed in Walnut blond.
Its upper part in an arc is carved and molded leaves, branches and chestnut fruit.
It opens with a glass door with a yellow glass motif and barred at the top. The oak interior is lined with 4 shelves whose field is molded, adjustable on racks.
Below, it opens with a small door also carved and molded leaves, branches and chestnut fruit in a low semicircle.
The sides made of a single panel are framed with carved and molded uprights continuing to the top of the library.
The 4 straight feet are slightly sheathed and doubly grooved horizontally.
The one-sided back is oak.
Period: 1900

Perfect condition after restoration, stripping and waxed patina in our workshop.

Width 74.5 cm - Depth 40.5 cm - Height 200 cm

Ref .: 1035 Q

类别 ??
风格 新艺术运动
时期 20世纪

价钱 2600

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