Antiquites Lecomte
Antiquites Lecomte

Rare and Authentic English Library - Nineteenth

Rare and authentic 10 doors bookcase, English Mahogany and mahogany veneer on Mahogany.
It opens at the top by 5 glass doors. These are embellished with braces which are outlined in ogives in the upper part. The two side doors at the top are framed by 2 detached columns of Roman style, supporting the cornice with multiple moldings. The 2 central doors open on a single space with 4 shelves, all are grooved on the field and adjustable, placed on removable cleats on racks.
The lower part opens with 5 doors molded and plated with speckled Mahogany. These give on interiors each including an adjustable shelf on racks. On the inside of a door, there is the label of the manufacturer of the time mentioning "From R. Pack's. Furnitures Warehouses. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 Castle Street, Alley Brokers, Long Acre. "
All the locks are original and, above and below them, in the place of old buttons, were previously made an inlaid rhombus.
It rests on skirting boards and the backs are paneled. The top is removable in 3 parts; bottom not removable.
Period: 1810/1820.

Perfect condition after restoration, stripping and varnished finish in our workshop.

Length at the cornice 351 cm - Depth 44 cm - Height 248 cm
Teacher. interiors high: Sides 26 cm - Middle 24 cm
Teacher. Low interiors: Sides 36 cm - Middle 32,5 cm

Ref. : 1043 Q

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时期 19世纪

价钱 13800

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